Advisory & support

For Parents
Been with Q.S.M Ltd was the best decision I made by joining them. They have helped and supported me from when I was in Nigeria to finding me a club in Italy and now been supportive to me on and off the pitch. They help me with everything and I totally trust them. They even helped me with family issues back in Nigeria and Im so glad that they are here for me

Orji Okonkwo – Bologna FC Italy & Nigeria Under 17 World Cup Champions

I am truly so grateful to Q.S.M for helping me with my career. They came and spoke to me & my father and since that day they have never let us down. They have always been there for me and never taken anything from me that was mine. I speak to them daily and I see them as family

Kingsley Michael – Bologna FC Italy & Nigeria Under 17 World Cup Champions

These people mean so much to me as in they totally do things in a different way. they have been on this long journey with me and will always be there by my side. thank you Q.SM Ltd

Chima Akas – Enyima FC (Nigeria), Kalma FC (Sweden) & Nigeria Home-base team captain & Vice Captain.