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Connecting players with clubs in Europe
QSM ltd is set up by Daniel Shittu who is the former Millwall& Nigeria Centre back & Kingston Olaniran. During Daniel’s 17 years of playing at all levels of the game, He was always asked to help and advise many players at all levels of the football scene as well as those trying to get into the game. As well as having his football academies in London which plays matches against professional football clubs during preseason, Quintessence Sports Management helps & guides players to having a long & successful career. Kingston is a FIFA qualified agent who has being involved in many player transfers.
The QSM Ltd team was formed to bridge this gap between African Players and European clubs while also managing already established players in UK/Europe by providing them with trusted and reliable management to make sure these players have a great career in football.
Everyone knows that African players are extremely special & talented but people don’t trust them as the deals always gets messy. With Daniel Shittu’s Reputation & connection around the world, we are able to bridge the gap to make these transfers easy with less hassle as we deal directly with the teams, players family, any connected agents & the players in Africa which are all the areas that MUST be covered when dealing with these players.
The QSM Ltd team have established connections in the African football setup, boasting enviable inside access to players, player representatives and direct access to African clubs; therefore there is huge value for UK/European clubs to liaise directly with QSM Ltd, who work to eliminate the hassles and misunderstandings.
Our USP is that we are able to offer players currently playing in the National teams at Under 17’s, U23 and 1st team levels & who play & will keep playing who will be future stars of the national team to clubs in Europe and around the world at low prices before they get too big & expensive. 2 players we can give examples of who has succeeded through this system like QSM, is a Player called Baba Rahman (Left Back) who was playing in Ghana in 2012 but then purchased by a German team then sold to Chelsea for around £21 million. Chancel Mbemba (Left/Center back) who was playing in Congo in 2012 but purchased by Anderlecht & just sold to Newcastle for £8 million.
QSM Ltd also look after players already playing in UK/Europe, providing them with trusted and reliable management to make sure these players have a great career in football.
QSM Ltd is proud to provide excellent services in:
Connecting African Football Players with Clubs in UK/Europe:
QSM Ltd manages and deals with players who already play in Europe and those who are still African based (looking for that transition). We build great relationships with football clubs so that we offer them the best players.
Alternatively if there is a particular player of interest, you let QSM Ltd know and we will arrange the rest.
Arranging matches or visits to African National teams (to see the talent first-hand):
People always want to visit Africa to see the talent first hand but don’t have a name they can trust. QSM Ltd is a trusted source who can arrange all logistics for you or your team to visit an African country to see the talent or if you want to arrange a game against their National team (We deal with all age groups).
QSM also offer the opportunities for clubs to even come out to games the National teams are playing in & see the players first hand so that they can identify these players themselves and even obtain their signatures out during these tournaments before other clubs get hold of them.
QSM can be trusted to handle the logistics so that everything is arranged in a professional manner.
No other agency can offer this setup as we have had to create this to show that there is a trust worthy access available.