Match Analysis

For Clubs
Match Analysis
Player scouting
Player recommendation to clubs.
Q.S.M works closely with clubs to provide you with the right information to help you potentially go and have a good and successful season
Recommending players:
Our head of Analysis Director Matt Wyatt, has over 20 years of experience managing clubs, scouting for and recommending players to clubs. There has been over 30 players who he has recommended who have moved to higher divisions.
We would never recommend a player who we feel would not be right for your club.
Players we recommend would go on to be a good asset for your club. Player who would do a job for you and can potentially be moved on to make the club a profit.
We provide the following:
  • Watch games on behalf of clubs to find players who are potentially right for the club.
  • We go to matches to watch specific players the club are interested in and provide a player analysis report.
Other benefits:
  • Helping to loan out the players in your squad who you want to go and get match fitness.
  • As a manager, you can contact our QSM rep at any time to get advice or recommendation on a player or team.
  • We also go and watch players that the club specifically are interested in and provide reports on that player.
We are limiterd to th enumber of clubs we can work with due to been able to provide a professional service.
For more information please conact us.