Player Management

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Player Management
A management company you can trust to represent & assist you in having a long and successful career.
Player management for players, By a Player!
Know one better to guide your career, give you advise & you can trust.
We work for professional players based in the UK, Europe & around the world.
Being a player of Nigerian descent and growing up in the UK since the age of 7, I have been fortunate to play at all 4 tiers of the English Football League while also representing Nigeria with over 30 appearances, including the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and two African Nation Tournaments.
While being in the game for over 15 years, I saw how players, especially those who come over from Africa, are misrepresented and misguided in decision-making.
The best advice I can give is that your representation can make or break your career. You need to make sure the representation you choose to have has the connections with football clubs and also believes in you to push you to the right club to progress your career and not for the personal gains of the agent.
I have built up a lot of experience and contacts in the game and through the creation of QSM Ltd, help players make the right decisions from the get-go.
At QSM Ltd, we have a very strong team that deals with all aspects of a footballers’ career. We have transparent ties that allow all deals and decisions to be authorised by me/ passed through me to ensure that the player’s interest is paramount in each decision made.
QSM Ltd work to make sure that the player’s interest is put first so they can have a good career in the game.
I am also on hand to give all players on our books, advice on how to deal with all aspects of life in football as who else would know other than someone in your position and has been through all the highs and lows of the football game while also giving you the much needed advice on how to better your game so you can be playing at the top levels of European football.
We look after all your outside football activities so that you can be at your best on the pitch.
Be with a name you can trust, knows how it is to be a player and puts you first.
Dan Shittu
Been with Q.S.M Ltd was the best decision I made by joining them. They have helped and supported me from when I was in Nigeria to finding me a club in Italy and now been supportive to me on and off the pitch. They help me with everything and I totally trust them. They even helped me with family issues back in Nigeria and Im so glad that they are here for me
Orji Okonkwo – Bologna FC Italy & Nigeria Under 17 World Cup Champions
I am truly so grateful to Q.S.M for helping me with my career. They came and spoke to me & my father and since that day they have never let us down. They have always been there for me and never taken anything from me that was mine. I speak to them daily and I see them as family.
Kingsley Michael – Bologna FC Italy & Nigeria Under 17 World Cup Champions
These people mean so much to me as in they totally do things in a different way. they have been on this long journey with me and will always be there by my side. thank you Q.SM Ltd
Chima Akas – Enyima FC (Nigeria), Kalma FC (Sweden) & Nigeria Home-base team captain & Vice Captain